Ecopagesos - Oliveres

Ecopagesos passionately cultivates and cares for the fertile lands that embrace the banks of the Ebro, creating a perfect symbiosis between the natural environment and agricultural production. With exceptional dedication, they carefully select each plant, guaranteeing exceptional quality in each harvest.

Our specialty is olive oils, true liquid treasures that captivate the senses. With designation of origin Montsant and Siurana, these oils are the testimony of a centuries-old tradition and an unmatched passion for excellence. Every drop of Ecopagesos oil is a testimony to the richness of the territory and the love for our craft.

CCPAE certification gives a seal of authenticity to all Ecopagesos products, assuring customers of compliance with the strictest standards of organic farming. Every drop of oil, every olive collected, is a testament to the team's commitment to quality and sustainability.

Discover the richness of the flavors of the Terres de l'Ebre through Ecopagesos products. Each drop is a journey into nature, a tribute to the courage of those who dedicate their lives to protecting and preserving our environment.

It means that the olive oil is produced using organic farming practices and that production is deliberately limited to ensure quality and sustainability.

Organic farming practices include the use of natural fertilizers and pesticides, crop rotation, sustainable water management and soil conservation.

Organic olive oil is produced without the use of pesticides or synthetic chemical fertilizers, while conventional olive oil may contain agricultural chemical residues.

Limiting production allows farmers to concentrate on quality rather than quantity, ensuring better care of olive trees and a better selection of olives for oil production.

Benefits include better product quality, sustainable agricultural practices, conservation of the natural environment, and reduced exposure to harmful chemicals.

Quality is controlled through certification processes that ensure compliance with organic production standards and production limitation.

Some of the best-known regions include Catalonia (Spain), Tuscany (Italy), the Peloponnese (Greece) and California (USA).

A limited production organic olive oil usually carries certifications indicating its organic origin and limited production, such as the EU organic seal and other local certificates.

The criteria vary according to local regulations and certification standards, but often include restrictions on the density of olive trees per hectare and on the maximum amount of production allowed.

Some of the challenges include the efficient management of resources such as water, competition with conventional production, and the need to promote and educate consumers about the benefits of this type of production.