We are farmers of limited organic production, with the aim of making a product of the highest quality, rediscovering the taste and smells of the foods of yesteryear.

A whole life dedicated to agriculture, since childhood we have helped with field work, with the teachings of my grandfather we combine traditional farming with the most modern techniques of agroecology.

We are concerned about organic farming to contribute to the sustainability and improvement of our planet. We care about nature and love the earth.

We have the virtues of the Mediterranean climate, its softness and sweetness, mixed with the aridity of the indoor climate and a terrain with steep slopes, which gives a very special taste to our products.

We are certified by the CCPAE, Organic certification and local sales

Ecopagesos is an agricultural cooperative formed by small farmers who are dedicated to limited organic production in the lands of the Ebre, between the Priorat and the Ribera d'Ebre, in the zones of the DOs of Montsant and Siurana.

The mission of Ecopagesos is to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly organic agriculture, providing quality products and contributing to the economic development of the local community.

Ecopagesos follows an ecological production philosophy based on respect for the land and the natural cycle of crops, avoiding the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and prioritizing agricultural practices that respect the environment.

Our specialty is DO Siurana and DO Montsant extra virgin olive oil, with CCPAE certificate.

The location of Ecopagesos in the lands of the Ebro, between the Priorat and the Ribera d'Ebre, offers an ideal environment for agricultural production, with an optimal Mediterranean climate and a natural landscape rich in biodiversity.

Ecopagesos is located in the designations of origin (DO) areas of Montsant and Siurana, which means that its products are subject to the quality and authenticity standards established by these DOs, thus guaranteeing their excellence.

Ecopagesos' "limited production" refers to its commitment to maintaining a moderate production volume, prioritizing quality over quantity and ensuring responsible and sustainable cultivation.

Ecopagesos maintains its commitment to sustainability through ecological agricultural practices, the efficient use of natural resources, the preservation of biodiversity and the reduction of the ecological footprint in all aspects of its operation.

Ecopagesos promotes values such as environmental responsibility, social justice, transparency and collaboration with the local community, fostering a relationship of trust and respect with consumers and actors in the agricultural sector.

People can support Ecopagesos by buying their ecological products and spreading their mission and values among their contacts and social networks.